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Chapter One General Principles

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1. The Constitution is formulated in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The purpose of the Constitution is to guarantee autonomy of the University, improve the modern university system, and fulfill the mission of the University.

2. As an educational institution, Jilin University is its full name and abbreviated as JLU.

3. The address of the University is No.2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun, Jilin Province, P. R. China.

The University has seven campuses and reserves the right to make adjustment to its campuses.

The official website of the University is

4. The University shall be a non-profit educational institution with an independent corporate entity. It shall enjoy autonomy in teaching, research, administration, and finance while bearing legal liability independently.

5. The University shall implement national educational policies, including those of the CPC in all aspects. It shall promote civic values and virtues and cultivate high-end talents with all-round development in the aspects of morality, intelligence, physique, and aesthetics. In addition, the University shall also fulfill its mission of educating students to be specialists, innovators, and doers with conscience, a sense of social responsibility and an international vision.

6. The University shall better construct the modern university system in accordance with the principles of governing the University by law, implementing autonomous management, accepting supervision from students, faculty, and staff, and inviting participation of people from all walks of life.

7. President of the University, under the leadership of the CPC Jilin University Committee, shall take the responsibility for the University and act as the legal representative.

8. The University, pursuant to laws, shall apply a democratic approach to management, with faculty members in charge of academics.

9. The University shall implement a two-tier management system at the University level and college level respectively.

The University shall respect, encourage, and expand college autonomy in management and operation by bringing the dominating function of colleges into full play.

The University shall administer its divisions, departments, and units in a variety of ways, such as vertical management, extended management, and decentralized management.

10. The University shall implement an open policy in operation, actively serving national strategies, shouldering social responsibilities to fulfill its public functions, and promoting internationalization of education.

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